DuraTherm® Wine Shippers

Made with light weight expanded polystyrene (EPS), ACH Foam's DuraTherm® wine shippers offer unparalleled protection with its durability. DuraTherm® EPS wine shipping containers offer the additional benefit of shielding wine from temperature changes during shipment to ensure your product arrives safely to the customer.

More Value = DuraTherm® EPS Shipping Containers

Ordering the right shipping container is as easy as selecting from one of our high performance and cost-effective expanded polystyrene foam wine shippers designed for single bottles, multiple bottles and over sized bottles of wine or champagne.

Wine Packaging Service

All EPS wine packaging containers are available in stock and do not require manufacturing lead time, helping you to provide fast and efficient delivery to your customer. Our highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff is available to answer your questions and assist you with determining the right wine shipper for your needs to ensure your experience is easy and enjoyable.

DuraTherm® EPS Wine Packaging Products and Shipping Containers

12-Pack Standup 6-Pack Standup  2 Pack Standup