Recycle Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

ACH Foam Technologies’ plants are drop-off facilities for smaller quantities of post-consumer EPS. ACH Foam will refer consumers to the proper professional recycling facility when the quantities to be recycled surpass ACH’s capabilities.

What Can ACH Foam Technologies Recycle?

  • ACH Foam Technologies recycle expanded polystyrene EPS#6 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam plastic that is white, clean, dry and free of debris.  Such as insulated coolers or protective packaging for electronics, household goods, and toys.

What Cannot be Recycled by ACH Foam Technologies?

  • Food-service and extruded polystyrene containers such as cups, plates, takeout containers, meat trays , egg cartons or packaging peanuts.
  • All non-foam polystyrene plastics such as yogurt containers, silverware, plastic bags, beverage containers, or CD cases. As an expanded polystyrene manufacturer other polystyrene products cannot be processed by our equipment, to locate a recycler for these products go to

How to Recycle Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

  • EPS foam material for recycling must be bagged, bundled, boxed, or banded for internal handling at ACH Foam Technologies.
  • Drop-off EPS foam at any ACH Foam Technologies plant location. Please call in advance to confirm hours of operation and plant-specific recycling details.
  • Mail-Back Program through the EPS Industry Alliance.
  • Loose Fill Peanut Recycling: Call the National Peanut Hotline 800.828.2214 or go to In many instances peanuts can be recycled at a UPS store. Contact your local UPS store for more information.
  • Businesses that are interested in developing an ongoing recycling program with ACH Foam Technologies should email or call 855.597.4427 for more information.
Customers and the public can also get more involved with their local municipalities to create momentum for EPS recycling at the community level. From manufacturers to distributors, the public and the government, it’s a shared responsibility to improve the post-consumer recycling of EPS and we need everyone’s participation.

*This product is recyclable only in select communities that have appropriate recycling facilities.