Sheathing & Siding Underlayment

Sheathing and siding underlayment create a stable R-Value energy barrier needed on all frame-type construction. Exterior sheathing lessens thermal breaks caused by studs, headers and rim joists. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) sheathing and siding underlayment provide a flat and level surface for new siding.

Sheathing & Siding Underlayment Products

ACH Foam Technologies' Foam-Control® PLUS+® is an architectural insulation product line with high compressive strengths and R-values. Foam-Control® PLUS+® is a premium insulation manufactured to provide architects, specifiers, distributors, and contractors all the features and benefits inherent in a high quality insulation.  Perfectly suited for wall insulation applications, Foam-Control® PLUS+® is available in 15 to 60 psi compressive strengths with R-values from R4.2 to R4.5. Foam-Control® PLUS+® comes with a 50-year R-value warranty and is available nationwide.

Foam-Control MAX™ graphite polystyrene (GPS) is a superior rigid foam insulation that is ideal for any vertical construction application, such as wall insulation, where a high-performance building envelope is desired. Foam-Control MAX™ is a premium-grade insulation developed to achieve an R5 (R-Value) at 1 1/16th inches thick without the decrease in R-value performance associated with XPS over the life of the product.

Polar-R® and Folar Fold® are film faced EPS insulation products that offer superior moisture resistance and foundation protection against backfill.  Polar-R® is available in 4' x 8' sheets and Polar Fold® in 4’ x 50’ fan fold sheets.