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Polar-R® Weather Resistive Barrier

Film Faced EPS (4' x 8' Sheets)
Polar-R® is a state-of the art weather resistive barrier that is integrated with hard coat stucco, one-coat cement stucco, sidings, masonry, and other finishing materials. Polar-R® is high performance expanded polystyrene (EPS) laminated between strong film facers creating a natural weather resistive barrier to counter water intrusion.
Polar-R Weather Resistive Barrier Insulation
Polar-R® has been rigorously tested according to AC-17 and is code listed as a weather resistive barrier under ICC ESR-1504. Polar-R® provides moisture resistance and energy efficiency in one easy installation step. It also provides a flat level surface for finishing materials. The material is mold resistant and does not support t he growth of mold and mildew ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment.

The strength and durability of Polar-R® resists jobsite damage and is easy to handle and instal l. Combined with stucco systems, Polar-R® reduces air infiltration, water intrusion and crack resistance, cr eating a watertight building envelope.

Polar-R® Weather Resistive Barrier Benefits

  • Moisture Resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Mold Resistant
  • Versatile & Durable
Polar Weather Resistive Barrier

Polar-R® Weather Resistive Barrier Installation Instructions

  • Secure Polar-R® insulation over exterior framing spaced a maximum of 24" on center.
  • Polar-R® should be attached with 1" crown, 16 gauge staples spaced at 6" on center with a minimum penetration of 3/4." Alternate fasteners are 1 3/4" plastic cap nails fastened 12" on center.
  • Tape all insulation joints, weeps, expansion joints and lath should be installed per stucco manufacturers' recommendations
  • Windows will be flashed with a sill flashing heads and corners using 2" wide Polar tape.
  • Windows will be flashed with a sill flashing prior to installing the window. After the window has been set according to the manufacturers instructions, jamb flashing should be installed prior to placement of head flashing. All jamb and head flashings need to cover window flanges.
  • Polar-R® is a non-structural sheathing. Install a code acceptable corner bracing such as metal strapping, let-in wood or wood sheathing as required. For optimum performance protect from petroleum distillates and long-term exposure to ultraviolet light.
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