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    April 3, 2017
    Foam-Control MAX™, The Next Generation Insulation Powered by Graphite
    Denver, CO – ACH Foam Technologies announces Foam-Control MAX™ graphite polystyrene (GPS), a superior rigid foam insulation that is well-suited to any vertical construction application where a high-performance building envelop is desired. Foam-Control MAX™ is a premium-grade architectural insulation developed to achieve an R5 (R-Value) at 1 1/16th inches thick without the decrease in R-value performance associated with XPS over the life of the product.

    “Foam-Control MAX™ presents an innovative synthesis of materials to achieve the next-generation of high-performance rigid foam insulation,” says Tom Huempfner, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ACH Foam Technologies. Foam-Control MAX™ GPS is comprised of many small pockets of air within a polymer matrix containing graphite. The graphite reflects radiant heat energy like a mirror, increasing the material’s resistance to heat flow.

    Most polymer-based foams have a great ability to decrease thermal conductivity. Foam-Control MAX™ GPS is unique because it increases in R-value as the outside temperature drops.  Foam-Control MAX™ maintains its ability to slow thermal conductivity throughout its lifetime resulting in a stable, long-term R-value unlike XPS which uses fluorocarbons as an expansion agent and experiences deterioration of R-value over time through a phenomena called ‘thermal drift.’

    Foam-Control MAX™ GPS offers moisture resistance and permeability. The breathable and semi-permeable material allows moisture in the form of vapor to pass through the material giving the insulation drying potential. Foam-Control MAX™ GPS also offers up to 30% material cost savings compared to XPS. Foam-Control MAX™ GPS meets the stringent performance standards of ASTM C578 and UL requirements.

    Produced in three grades, 100, 150, and 250, this superior rigid foam insulation is ideal for vertical applications such as cavity wall insulation, precast concrete panel cores, wall sheathing, stucco and EIFS insulation. Foam-Control MAX™ is currently being produced in two of ACH Foam Technologies’ plant locations with plans to extend production to additional locations in 2017, allowing for cost-effective shipping to any U.S. location.

    About ACH Foam Technologies:

    For over four decades, ACH Foam Technologies has been an industry leader in Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) manufacturing, providing architectural insulation, geofoam, protective packaging, cold chain packaging, and industrial applications. When combining block molding and shape molding, ACH Foam Technologies has the most extensive EPS processing capabilities in the United States. ACH Foam Technologies maintains the highest standards of excellence in products, quality, and customer service.