EPS Floatation Blocks

Foam-Control EPS Flotation Blocks are highly buoyant and can be shaped for almost any application. Foam-Control EPS Flotation Blocks work in synergy with chemical and impact resistant coatings/coverings for maximum service and environmental safety.
Floatation Block Advantages
• High buoyancy
• 100% recyclable
• No CFC, HCFC, HFC, or formaldehyde
• Inert, non-nutritive, highly stable
• Will not decompose, decay or produce gases or leachates
Floatation Block Benefits
Foam-Control EPS is extremely buoyant. Foam-Control EPS Flotation Blocks are made from highly stable expanded polystyrene. With proper care and protection, Foam-Control EPS Flotation Blocks will not corrode, decay or sink when punctured, and will give years of flotation service.
Sizes and Shapes
Foam-Control EPS Flotation Blocks can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Protective coatings/coverings must be used to encapsulate the Foam-Control EPS to ensure optimum service life and meet many of today’s marine design standards.