DuraTherm® Wine Shippers

When Every Shipment Counts

DuraTherm® Universal and Standard Shippers

Our newly-designed 12-pack universal wine shipper secures your bottles with an innovative tightening system that minimizes movement. Improved bottom cushioning with robust chamfered edges and increased wall thicknesses provides our customers with the highest level of protection in the market. ACH Foam Technologies also offers DuraTherm® universal and standard wine shippers in a 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12-pack configurations.

DuraTherm® Summer Standup Shippers

Every season has its unique shipping challenges, and summer is no exception. With DuraTherm® wine shippers on your side, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the middle of the summer or the dead of winter.  Our summer wine shippers keep your wine at a constant temperature for approximately 72 hours, allowing you to ship in the hot summer months. Tested to meet ISTA 7E temperature standards, the DuraTherm® wine shippers are contained within an outer corrugated box and utilize specially designed pockets that hold frozen gel refrigerants which allow internal airflow while protecting your wine labels during transit.

DuraTherm® Wine Shipper Products

• 12-Pack Universal
• 3/6-Pack Universal
• 2/4-Pack Universal
• 2-Pack & 3-Pack Laydown
• Single Standup
• Summer Wine Shippers
• Gel Packs
• Assembled Solutions